Monday, July 9, 2012

Scarlett & Ripley are ONE!

Well, yesterday was a big day as my darling little twins turned one years old! I can't believe it's been a year! And yet, life before their arrival is a distant memory. That morning we bailed on church and instead went to Red Butte Gardens to take pictures and spend some time as a family. Every month for the first year of their lives, my children have a little photoshoot on or near their birthdays. I put this photo in their scrapbook. You can see all of them in the video at the bottom of this post. Here is a picture of all three of my little girls from our little excursion!
We had a little party at my house for them, and they got some wonderful gifts from family. This little kitty is seriously the cutest toy EVER. It has motion censors in it, so the kids chase it and it runs away. Both of them were chasing it all over the kitchen this morning.

The best part of the evening HAD to be the smash cakes. My sister-in-law made them, and they were so cute. Ripley, though the heavy-weight of the two, was really quite dainty about it. While Scarlett pretty much went ballistic. She had it everywhere. She finished first and we were cleaning her up when Ripley suddenly seemed to decide she was ready to just go for it. She demolished her cake in like 10 seconds. Unfortunately, our camera had run out of battery at this point, so my father-in-law took pictures and I don't have them from him yet, so no pictures of Ripley with her final smashed cake.

One thing I did was make a little video. We showed it to everyone at the party to start things off. I basically took videos and pictures from the first year of their lives, and my pregnancy, and put it to music. Its about 10 minutes long. I am adding it here for your viewing pleasure! I used all music from Laurie Berkner. I think it just turned out so cute! I think I might make it a new tradition--to make one each year for their birthday to show how they've grown!


Cynthia said...

It was a great party! Love me some babies!

Princess Xenna Campos said...

very pretty kids !