Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Behold...The BAT MOBILE!!!

I don't know much about the pinewood derby. I grew up in a family of girls. And, I suppose if I had thought about it, I would have said I didn't have to worry about said derby until I had a son who was around 9 years old. Not so. After all, everyone knows the pinewood derby is about the men with the sons, not the sons.

So it actually started the day I went into labor. My sister's husband called and begged Trevor to come over and help him make a car for his son. Trevor decided he wanted to make his first car ever. This particular session was cut short when I called Trevor to tell him I was in labor, and thus the project was put on the shelf for a few weeks. But not before Trevor had already determined he was going to make HIS car into the bat mobile. Is there a boy anywhere who grew up in the late 80's who does NOT think the bat mobile is the coolest car ever? (And we're talking Michael Keaton Batman. Not all the crap afterwards.)

I admit I thought he was nuts. I saw the picture. He's never made a car in his life. How could he possibly take on something so complicated? Trevor shrugged me off and found his dremel. He then descended into his Lord of the Rings room downstairs (that in itself is yet another post) and was MIA, with only the gentle hum of his dremel to remind me he was still around.

And after a great deal of work, he eventually ended up with THIS:

Is my husband good or what?? He carved the stinkin' think all on his own! No help AT ALL! I am so proud of him! I am just so blown away by how he can just wrap his head around a project like that, and figure out how to do it. He's friggin' awesome! Now leave a comment and tell him how great he is!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Few Items

So I haven't updated forever and I'm sitting here trying to think of what to write about. So here's a few items:

  • My baby is now 3 1/2 weeks old. At what point can I expect her to sleep through the night?? Well, I think that's at LEAST a month away, isn't it? She was fabulous last night--mainly because she was grumpy all day and hardly slept. So we put her in her car seat, which we have realized is the greatest invention of all time. The only reason I am able to update this post right now is because Afton is sleeping in that blessed carseat. She LOVES it. She'll be crying like mad one minute and totally asleep the next. She sleeps in it pretty much every night. But we don't put her in it during the day because we don't want the magic to wear off.

  • I started my first kit. As a digital scrapbooker, I'm always on the lookout for good kits. But when I stated Afton's book, I couldn't find a kit that was "right" for it. Then I realized, I wanted a kit that used all of her things--and I would have to make it myself. So we took pictures of her blankets, recieving blankets, toys, everything. And I created a kit. I can't wait to get started on her book!

  • I got my first harrassment e-mail yesterday. I guess I should have known that eventually it would come. When you teach junior high, that's what happens I guess. My school email is all over the school website, since I'm the webmaster for it. Yesterday I opened my school email and I had a nice little note telling me I was a B****. Huh. No idea who it's from. Well, there was a student's name on the email, but it was a student I had last year and never had any real trouble with, so I don't know why he'd send it. Maybe they created the email in his name, or maybe his friends hate me. Who knows. Seemed kind of random, though, since I've been out for the last few weeks. Maybe it has something to do with the stealing incident when my sister was subbing.'s hard not to be a little down when you realize someone hates you enough to send you a mean email. But then, I guess I should feel lucky I lasted this long without one. Everyone always feels so bad for me when they find out I'm a Junior High teacher, and I always grin and tell them how much I love it. And I DO. But when things like this happen--well, you start to figure out why everyone feels so bad for you...
  • Yesterday after a particularly fussy day with Afton, Trevor and I called my mom in desperation around 6:30 and begged her to take Afton for an hour so we could go out to eat. Bless her. Not only is my mom willing to take my baby on the spot like that, she's actually thrilled to do it.It's kind of hard to ask someone to watch your child--it's so nice when the people you ask are so kind about it. I don't know what I would do without my mom! We ate out at a chinese restaurant and came right back and then visited for a while. I love my mommy! And my daddy too--he gave me a fabulous, but painful, backrub and footrub that I really needed!
  • Trevor is now officially registered for a CNA class at SLCC. Hooray! We had to go in there and be very active to get him registered, and he got the last spot in the class. If we had waited another hour we probably wouldn't have gotten it, and then he would have to wait until June to take it. We want to get him trained so he can get a job as a CNA and we can go off unemployment. Well--so we have income when our unemployment runs out! Then he'll do a year of pre-requisites, and then the long wait to get into nursing school. Yes, we are statting late. But at least we're starting. You gotta pay your dues sometime, right?
  • To close, I thought I'd add a little picture Nicki took of my little family! We don't have many pictures of all three of us! We just got a new camera and Trevor is snapping pictures right and left, but we haven't mastered the timer yet.