Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back From the Lovely Land of Tucson...

So we've just come back from Tucson. That's right Tucson. Shut up, I know you're jealous. EVERYONE wants to go to Tucson! Well we went because I just HAD to surprise my husband with tickets to The Lord of the Rings Symphony, which was in Tucson this weekend. It's rarely available in the U.S. or anywhere near us, so I got us plane tickets and we went down there for one day. We left Friday morning at 6:30 and were back home by 12:30 Sunday morning. We had a lot of fun in Tucson, though we are pretty darn sure we will NEVER be in that town again. We got there so early that there was nothing to do until we checked in, so we went to the zoo. Which turned out to be pretty cool, actually.
They didn't have a lot of animals, but they had all the cool ones. See the rhinos behind us? Tucson is very brown and ugly--actually a lot like Windhoek, Namibia, where I served part of my mission. It's the second largest town in Phoenix, but it's really not that big. Phoenix is way cooler, but we didn't spend much time there at all. We were amazed how smoothly things went getting places and being where we were supposed to be. It was a nice day, but even though it was a short visit, we were ready to come home. One day in Tucson is truly enough!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Going in for Surgery

Maybe some of you don't know, but I'm getting surgery on April 1. Yeah, not a good day, huh. I can just see the doctor saying afterwards, "Well Megan, the surgery went well. You're going to be fine. April Fools! Actually we totally screwed it up!!" Anyway, it's funny when you are getting surgery people get all funny about asking you what it's for. I guess they're all worried I'm getting surgery on some unmentionable part of the body. Well don't worry, it's just my right foot. That's mentionable, right? Maybe 100 years ago it wasn't when ladies didn't show their ankles, but we're past that now. So yeah, I have plantir fasciitis in both feet, and had surgery on my left foot in 2006. It didn't actually go well--every now and then you get "lateral foot pain" which is a rare side effect, but I got it. So even though my foot is better, it certainly isn't back to normal. So now I'm getting all chancy with my other foot. I'm just figuring that chances are it won't happen AGAIN, right? And this foot isn't near as screwed up as my left. I mean, I've sprained my left foot REALLY BAD about eight times. And it got run over by a car on my mission. Twice. (Same occasion, but Sister Senior flipped out when she realized what she was doing and ran over it again...) So we'll see if I'm able to update my blog or not for awhile. I don't know how long I will be couch-bound. If anyone has some good movies or TV shows on DVD they can lend me LET ME KNOW!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Kitty Broke his Tail!

So I have no kid stories to relay, but I do have the tragic story of my kitty Tarzan's tail. Well, I don't actually KNOW the story. I wish I did. We came home yesterday, and my kitty was all ornery, and Trevor picked him up and he YOWLED. Then we realized he was in pain. His tail is all bent and crazy! I feel so bad! We aren't sure what to do, but I think we're going to take him to the vet. I called the vet, and they said that we can either have it amputated, or just let it heal funny. What do we do? URG. My poor Tarzan!
*UPDATE* We took him to the vet today - only $46! Hooray!! - and they gave him some pain meds. The doctor said he probably was bitten, but it's high enough he probably won't have to have his tail amputated. We just have to keep checking the end of his tail--if he can feel it, he's fine. If it goes numb, it could fall OFF. Wow. Now that he's on his meds, he is constantly licking his tail--I think because now it doesn't hurt too much to do it. Poor little guy. I think he's going to be ok.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Blog Envy

Yeah I totally have blog envy right now. Ever notice how you don't really pay attention to something, and then one day, you DO, and then it's EVERYWHERE? That's how I feel about blogs. My sister was showing me a blog of her friend's, and it was SO COOL. I'm not that cool. (I sound like that asian kid in School of Rock...) Anyway, I just don't have anything to brag about or any cute pictures. But what I DO have is the ability to write a bunch of babble. I've been doing that for years in my journals. And if any of you know anything about me, it's my psycho journal dependency. Well, I'm not so dependant anymore. When Trevor and I were dating I wrote every day faithfully, or you might say fanatically. Then we got married. And suddenly--there's nothing more to say. What do you write when you have no drama to report??

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Meg's Got a Spot!

So I've been hearing this buzz word "blog" for a long time, and I tell you, I had NO IDEA what people were talking about. I still don't, really. But I thought I really ought to be up on the times, so I'm creating my own blog. I have no idea what I'm going to write on it, since I have no kids to brag about, and it seems that's the main thing people put on their blogs--baby pictures. But WHO KNOWS, maybe one day I will have baby pictures to put on here? Keep checking this and maybe you'll get an announcement one day. But not today.