Friday, October 29, 2010

Not Cool Anymore

You know what? I'm not cool anymore.

I am totally lame. I'm just a mean, tired, OLD junior high teacher. I'm the one who yells at them in the hallway for swearing. I'm the one that doesn't dress up for Halloween, and won't join in the fun at school dances. When did this happen to me?

As a first year teacher, I was so friggin' awesome. I had so much joy and love for what I did--I still do, but just not in the same way. Man, the stuff I did when I was new at this. I just played with the kids. Like when I'd pull out my big red plastic bat and have kids pitch wads of paper at me so I could hit it around the room. Or the time I snuck a picture of Mr. Barton, then Photoshopped him (with students watching) to look all fat, then printed 40 copies and let the kids make paper airplanes out of it. Then we chucked them in his room. I was funny. I'd read the announcements in accents. My whole class stuffed into my back room to hide from another teacher. We turned all Barton's desks upside down while he was at lunch, then he pennied my door and we couldn't open it. Every period was stand up commedian time, and I loved it.

I don't do any of that anymore. I could, I know, but I don't really feel like it. On Thursday I had an Auction with my CTE Intro kids, and somehow I was just in this hyper mood. I was cracking jokes right and left. And they all laughed their heads off and had no idea who this new teacher was. Am I really that boring? Have I lost something here? I mean, how long can you be the funny cool teacher? Isn't there a point where you are just too old to pull it off?

I usually love Halloween at school, though the other teachers hate it. I dress up. I join the kids dancing. Usually I have my ballroom kids there and I dance a couple of swings. Trevor used to come too, both of us in costume. But today? Today was awful. The kids were obnoxious. I didn't dress up. I don't do ballroom anymore, so there were no boys trained to dance. (And, might I add, that when I DID do ballroom, kids actually danced at the dances. Once a few of my kids started, the other kids would realize it's ok, and they'd dance too. Today? NO ONE DANCED)

I walked around and yelled at kids. Well, no mostly I took pictures. But then when this group of about 10 hoochies started grinding with each other, I had to become the "bad guy" and break it up, then cart them off to the principal's office when they kept doing it. Really, it was quite disgusting. I've never seen girls behave so badly at a dance. They were all dressed so slutty--somehow their more modest costumes from 1st period became shorter and lower and by the end of the day. They flaunted everything they had--and didn't have--not at the guys--at each other. It was amazing to see these girls just totally go after each other. Unbelievable. Has it been this way always, and I never noticed because I was having fun and playing? Is it the mean boring old teacher in me that has me noticing this behavior and yelling all day to stop it? Or...maybe this 9th grade class is just plain nasty?

At any rate, I feel bad that I am taking my job for granted. I know that if the day ever comes that I quit and stay home, I will miss the classroom terribly. I love what I do. I really do. I just think that as you get older, the way you do it changes. Am I wrong? Oh well. Who cares. It's the weekend. Job? What job?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Picture Tour of Afton Darla Rees

Ok, ok! I'm FINALLY updating my blog! I haven't updated in forever--I just haven't been able to think of anything to write about! Nothing's really ticked me off (that I can write about on a public blog, anyway) and I haven't been thinking deeply about anything (that I want to share on a public blog, anyway) and mega-happy "my-life-is-awesome" posts can be SO annoying. But---well, my life is awesome! So, here's a little video tour of the last month:

September 20, 2010

Afton was sick in September. Seemed to last forever. It's amazing, though, how quickly you forget the particulars after the fact. Anyway, I miss those days when I had a tiny baby who would just sleep on my chest. I thought those days were over until I had another baby. Poor Afton was so sick and slept so much, she'd sleep anywhere!

She fell asleep while DeLayna was holding her. She loves her Del.

October 1, 2010

Sometimes, Afton can get a little clingy. Especially on Daddy. On this Sunday morning, she refused to leave him alone. He had to eat and hold her at the same time. It was so cute.

  October 8, 2010

Afton and I hang out outside a lot--or, as she says, 'side.
This month she's started talking a lot--I mean, she's always talking, but now I can actually understand some of her words! Today I heard her say "Tarzan" for the first time (our cat) and then "I love you!" which was more like "Ah Juh Joo!" It was SO cute. Trevor and I had tears in our eyes, hearing her say that for the first time! Anyway, here she is outside and, as always, obsessed with the water tap.

October 9, 2010

I was upstairs getting something, and I got distracted. Afton was downstairs. I heard her rumaging around. I looked over the railing to check on her, but although I could hear her, I couldn't see her anywhere. I went downstairs, and found her here---in the entertainment center under the stairs. She's obsessed with the movie cases over there, so I guess she needed a closer look.

October 10, 2010

Getting Afton to look directly at the camera and smile is pretty much impossible. On this day, she looked SO cute so I did a little photoshoot of her playing in the front yard. And I got so many good ones!

October 14, 2010

You know, it's getting to the point where I'm constantly grabbing the camera to get a picture of her doing her newest strange thing before I miss the moment. She's just
 such a busy little thing! I can't keep track of her--she's always into something new!

October 18, 2010

I watched Dancing with the Stars on Monday. Afton loves Dancing with the Stars. She dances...with the stars. They dance, and so does she. She's awesome. Daddy came and sat with her, and then the TV held no charms for her. Daddy was near. That's all she cared about. So she gave him a kiss.

October 21, 2010

Today Afton was really on it. She got into everything! I let her--if she's occupied and it's easily cleaned up afterwards, what's the harm? First she got into the tupperware--I'm sure I'm not the only mother who has a kid in the tupperware. I have vague memories myself of playing in the tupperware drawer. It was an amazing, interesting place. But since Afton has discovered it, it seems we can never find matching lids anymore.

Yeah, it was a mess but like I said, easy to clean up. After that, I started making dinner. She got into the tin can cubbord again. She loves taking the cans out and dumping them on the floor. It keeps her occupied. I was just glad she wasn't grabbing my legs and whinning. So I let her go for it. Then I heard that sound--that unmistakeable sound of noodles hitting pergo. It is a sound I have heard before! I looked over and sure enough, she'd found an open bag of spaghetti noodles. Did I get mad? No. I grabbed my camera. And then let her continue to play in it for 10 minutes while I finished dinner. I mean, the noodles are gone anyway, she might as well enjoy them, right?

Sorry this post is pretty much ALL about Afton. But I have no pictures of anything else, really. Sorry. Though i DO have pictures of the shield Trevor's been working on for Halloween--that will be a post for another day. It's pretty awesome.

So yeah, that's the last month for me! I sure got a cute baby!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I Like About YOU!

Ok. Afton was SO funny yesterday. We got a lot of video of it, and I've been thinking its about time to put a video of her on my blog again!

I'm not sure how I found time to do this today while teaching 7 periods--must be my supreme multitasking skills. And I'm not being sarcastic here--they really ARE supreme. Enjoy!

(I apologize in advance for how annoying my voice and comments are on this video. I'm SURE I don't really sound like that in real life.)