Friday, November 26, 2010

A Thanksgiving Video

Thanksgiving this year was at my sister Aundi's house. As always when the Nielson family gets together, it was complete and utter CHOAS!! First we stopped at Trevor's parents, just to say high and give his parents a Thanksgiving gift. It was so quiet. So ordered. And they we get to Aundi's and it was a MADHOUSE. I actually really like this about both sides of our family--both atmospheres are great and have their advantages. Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures. Grrr! Getting my family to sit still long enough to listen to anything is pretty much impossible. At Trevor's house, we were able to quickly gather round and present his parents with their copy of "I'm Grateful For..." A book I made from Afton to her Grandparents on Thanksgiving day. At Aundi's, we finally gave it to Mom during dessert. (Which, by the way, was FAB-U-LOUS. Cindy made these adorable mini desserts! SO GOOD! I love how she doesn't just make delicious and original desserts--they always LOOK to good!)

Anyway, we finally gave Mom her own copy of the book, and she began to read it aloud.  No one really listened except Dad and Jen and Rusty and Cindy--who was video taping the whole thing!

So, here is an exerpt of the video. If you want to see the book, click here!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Thoughts During Dancing with the Stars

I've been a little "slumpy" lately. Can't think of a darn thing to write on either of my blogs. I'm just blah. So I'm sitting here watching Dancing with the Stars, and a lot of thoughts are running madly through my head. Here they are. Enjoy.

1. Why is Christina Aguillera performing on this show? What does she have to do with anything? And why is her face plastic? Hmmm...I think I'll go post that thought on Facebook.
2. I am SO SURE that Jordan District won't cancel school tomorrow. That would be a COOL thing to do, and everyone knows we aren't the "cool" district. Canyons is. That's why they already have this week off. Granted, at the expense of their teachers, but I'm still jealous.
3. How on earth is Bristol Palin still in this competition? I've admired watching her grow in this competition, but if she wins, that just bites.
4. Is that Afton crying? Maybe if I ignore it it will go went away...
5. I am so disappointed in this blizzard. I wanted it to be REALLY REALLY AWFUL! We didn't even have the lights go out. That sucks.
6. Why do people still  watch The Bachelor? (during a Bachelor commercial.)
7. What does "pickle me walnuts" mean, Len? (DWTS judge)
8. I love Harry Potter. I'm reading book 4. I want to read it instead of watching this endless finale. Seriously--this is the LONGEST finale. AND, I missed the first hour! What the!
9. That outfit that Lacey Schwimmer has on is the ugliest she's had all season. And that's saying something.
10. I really, really hate "The Situation." Seriously, I want to punch his big fat ugly pompous face. Like really bad. I hate him. I hate him SO DARN BAD.
11. Just give Jennifer Gray the trophy already. I'd rather be reading Harry Potter or playing the sims. Why am I watching this?
12. Open breaks? You are doing just boring old OPEN BREAKS? Come on, Lacey and Kyle, you can do better than that.

That is all.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Two Little Girls + Diaper Cream = TROUBLE.

I went to pick up my little girl today at Grandma Rees's, and found there was QUITE a story. An "incident" as Karen called it. Afton and her cousin Madison, 16 months her senior, apparently had a few unsupervised moments with a brand new tin of Penaten, a diaper cream that Karen uses.

The results, of course, were both disastrous and hilarious. My father-in-law got home just after it happened and, thankfully, managed to grab a camera between burst of laughter. Unfortunately, Afton's face had already been mostly wiped off, though Karen says it looked pretty much like Madison's. It was EVERWHERE. In her hair, her eyes, even her nostrils!

Karen was swabbing it out of her nose, her eyes, and it was all over! She gave them both baths and had to wash Afton's hair three times! And it's STILL a little greasy! Those little stinkers!

I think it's hilarous! And SO glad it didn't happen during MY watch!