Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Frustrated Ramblings from a First-Time (and only-time) Reader of Twilight...

Ok, if you read Facebook you probably already have seen all the posts I've put up expressing my frustration with Twilight. But if not, here is some more. Grrr...I'm 200 pages in and so far? I HATE it.

I never really wanted to read it in the first place. I've been pretty much anti-Twilight since the beginning. I've seen so many of my tweeny-bopper students obsessed with it, which is understandable. But it's seeing middle aged women of intelligence and maturity obsess over it that really turned me off. I was worried that I'd read it, and love it, and then be like them.

No worries now. It doesn't help that I am reading this book on the heals of reading my favorite book of all time, Gone with the Wind, which is undoubtably the best book ever written, with amazing, complex characters. I love how Scarlett is so fundamentally flawed--you love her and hate her at the same time. But that's what makes her real--every character in that book has clearly defined and explored weaknesses and strengths. It's why you cry when you watch her throw away happiness "with both hands" as Rhett puts it--because by the end of that 1,000 pages, these people and the world they live in are real to you.

And after that, I read Twilight? Why, you ask? Well my friend Jill and I made a deal that if I read Twilight, she'll read Gone with the Wind. For the record, I don't think she'll even finish it. It's just so different from Twilight. For instance, it has plot (more than one) believable characters, and substance.

Twilight, on the other hand, is drivel. Now, I understand that every book certainly can't live up to a classic like Gone with the Wind. I've read many genres of books, all in varying degrees of entertainment and good writing. I can read a silly romance and get caught up in it, despite it's flaws, and just enjoy a good story. I can overlook bad writing if the story draws me in, or maybe if there's a really, really good sex scene (ok, not really. Before I was married yes. Now, it honestly just embarasses me.)

But this? I swear, I've been reading it forever and nothing has happened. I find the "love" story to be really annoying. Yes, I get that Edward is good looking. Get over it already. Do you have to make a reference to it in EVERY paragraph? How can anyone function in a relationship when they are spending all their time catching their breath and being dazzled by someone who "looks more like a greek god than anyone has a right to be." I can't stand it. But Jill--I WILL finish it. Even though I don't think you will finish Gone with the Wind. Ah, we shall see.

Overall assessment:

Bella: She's somewhat likeable--she's "normal" and has normal problems. Her "flaws" are pretty much that she's clumsy, which Stephanie Meyer can't seem to go a page withotu mentioning in some way. She's not supposed to be beautiful but I think there are about five guys who are in love with her within minutes so go figure. And Mr. Gorgeous Edward seems to be attracted to her immediately for no apparent reason. I don't know, I haven't finished it yet. Maybe it'll explain, but I doubt it. I like her alright, but I see no reason for Edward to pick her out as his soulmate other than that author says he does.

Edward: I know he's a vampire so he has super-human strength, beauty and charm. But the guy has no flaws whatsover--oh, except that 1) he's a vampire 2) He can't help but drag Bella into danger because he just loves her so much, apparently, so even though he's dangerous and not "good for her" he's gonna risk it anyway because, what the hell? and 3) he's a pedofile. He may be 17, but since he's been 17 for hundreds of years, that makes him WAY older than her. So gross.

Other characters: There are other characters? I must have missed that. They only get mentioned in passing, since 90% of this book, so far, is either explaining how much Bella is attracted to Edward (and describing him over and over synonyms for the same word--Stephanie must have LOVED her thesaurus) or it's pages and pages of boring detailed descriptions of what Bella does every day, like homework...thinking of Edward...make dinner...think of on the phone...think of Edward...say hi to Charlie...wonder what Edward is doing right now...It's pretty much that for the whole first 200 pages.

Ok I'm done. Sorry Jill. I think you will be VERY mad if you read this entry. But I'm betting you won't. But it feels good to get it out. I'm gonna finish it, damnit, but I WILL NOT read the sequels! Hope you enjoy Gone with the Wind!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Talented Sister and a Cute Baby...

So today Trevor and I went to partake of my sister's amazing talent and had ourselves a little photo shoot. It's our first family photo! Nicki also took a lot of shots of Afton, and these are just some of the ones she's touched up. Don't I have the prettiest little girl? And isn't Nicki an awesome photographer? You know us Nielson girls--between the five of us, SOMEONE will have knowledge of whatever you are needing to know. When it's photography (and free medical advice) we go to Nicki. Anyway, just thought I'd share!