Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Feel Guilty

I feel bad I haven't updated my blog. I know that I have scores of ravenous fans waiting anxiously for the next brilliant installment, and I hate to disappoint you all. I know, I know, my posts are what keeps you going, and brings meaning to your lives. And I have selfishly refused to oblige you and fulfill your insatiable desire to hear about every mundane aspect of my life. Forgive me, faithful followers! I implore you for your forgiveness, and beg you to overlook my weaknesses!

Ok. Sorry Cindy. And Nicki I guess. I think Heather looks sometimes, maybe Kelly and Lisa on a good day. So, sorry about that. I just have nothing to write. I tried the other day. I started. And then I just kept deleting it. I pretty much live the same day over and over anyway.

Trevor and I came to the conclusion that Afton has her days and nights mixed up. We've been so happy that she takes such great naps during the day, and so bummed that she has stopped sleeping through the night. Then we put 2 and 2 together, so it looks like I'll have to wake her up tomorrow after two hours and endure her grumpiness, for the sake of an uninterupted sleep at night.

Trevor has finished his CNA training! Hooray! He scored a 96% on his test! But he still needs to take the state written exam and the skills exam. They scheduled him for both--in July. That's right. His skills test isn't until July 21st, so he STILL can't look for a job until then. Makes me so stinkin' mad. On the other hand, I do love having him home.

Today I had Kylee all day. Then I picked up Bethany and Natalie. Tomorrow we are going to have a big paperdoll fest and play "Miss America." Aren't I the coolest aunt ever? I really need to make a new paper doll set for Afton. Yes, it's early, but it will take a few years to create the awesomeness that will be her paperdoll set.

Umm...I got a letter from Jordan District that said basically this: "We couldn't come to an agreement with JEA (the teachers' association) about how to factor teacher's pay and benefits with the deficit. So we decided to screw you all over and take away everything. Starve, lose your house, lose your mind, we don't care. Have a nice day." So it looks like I'll be making about $200 less a month next year, maybe more. Bastards. Sorry, but can you blame me?

Trying to think of anything else random that's going on in my life...I've gotten so boring...nope. That's it. I'm that dull. Sorry. But at least I updated and my guilt is officially assuaged. Thanks, you faithful few. This one's for you.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Third Day of Summer

It's officially my 3rd day of summer. And it feels AWESOME. I have had a really great day so far, except for the fact that Afton woke up at 4:00 a.m. for the first time in weeks. I'm spoiled and not used to having to get up anymore! Anyway, I fed her again at 8:30, and then put her in her jungle. I didn't take a picture, sorry. We bought the jungle for her before she was born, and thus far she's had zero interest in it. But last night, out of desperation, I tried it again. And Afton made a huge break-through and discovered her hands! She still doesn't have complete control, but she'll reach for things now. She spent a good 45 minutes in her jungle last night, happy as a clam.

So this morning I put her in there again, while I *get this* worked out. Wahoo! My third day in a row! The last two days I went to the gym, and discovered it's been SO long that I can't even come CLOSE to what I used to be able to do. But I made a goal that I will do SOMETHING active every single day. This morning I didn't have the energy to figure out what to do with Afton in order to go, so I put her in her jungle and just worked out in my living room to my old Firm videos. Been a while. Kicked my trash. I had to stop after only 20 minutes--not so much because I was tired, (though I was) but because my horrible feet were killing me. Makes me so stinkin' mad. As if working out isn't hard enough.

So then I put Afton to bed, she was SO tired. And I showered and did laundry and cleaned the kitchen. This is so very exciting. Seriously. I LOVE having time to do these things again! Oh, and I got on the scale. Yes, I know, it's only been three days. Stupid of me. But I lost 5 pounds already! How? Well, I have learned from past experience that weight you JUST gained comes off pretty fast. I've gained 10 pounds since Afton was born, so this is pretty recent weight. Still, it makes me pretty motivated to keep going! I was motivated enough to have a relatively healthy breakfast and lunch, AND I haven't cheated. I have to be perfect during the day, because once Trevor gets home, it gets pretty hard.

Ok, this is getting long. And I am betraying how boring my life is. So, we'll just end it with some updated pictures of my precious baby girl!