Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Check List

It's amazing what you will do during church to stay awake. Other than, you know, actually listen to the speakers. In the past, Trevor and I have come up with some good ones. I'd draw a head. Then he'd draw the eyes. Then I'd draw the nose...and we'd end up with some funny stuff. Or we'd play the name game--I'd write down a name, then he'd write one down, and then, Utah-style, we'd combine it into one name and ask ourselves, "Should we name our future kid that?" That's how we got the name "Catheter" out of Catherine and Peter. No. We are not naming of our twins Catheter. When we bought our house, we started making a list of all the things we wanted for it, big or small, just to dream about it. I even pulled that list out later on and checked it, to remind myself what we needed.

Well, we don't get quite as bored in church anymore. Afton keeps it--well, very lively. BUT, today she played with our next door neighbor through most of church and was actually well-behaved (WHY is she so good for everyone else and not for US??) so we started another list. And that is actually what I'm blogging about, despite my rambling and lengthy entry.


  • Bedding (what colors are we doing?)
  • A name for baby #2 (What do you think about Scarlett? And if we choose Scarlett, won't one of the colors for the nursery HAVE to be red?)
  • A light fixture for the nursery
  • A lamp and hamper for the nursery
  • 2nd baby bouncer
  • Another carseat (CHECK! And all three carseats DO fit in the back seat of the car!!!)
  • Two more bases for said carseats so they can go in both cars
  • A new baby monitor (since our old one SUCKS and doesn't work)
  • A twin stroller (Is this really a necessity, seeing as a decent double stroller is at least $250?)
  • A second crib (Borrow from the Cox's?)
  • A diaper jenie--one just isn't going to cut it anymore with three in diapers
 And then of course there's
  • How are we going to rearrange pretty much every peice of furnature we own to make it all work?
And...What do we need to prepare AFTON for?
  • Get rid of the binki
  • Get rid of bottles
  • Get her in a big kid bed
  • Get her as close to potty trained as possible
  • Give her twin dolls to take care of in preparation
Well. It's overwhelming. And since the chances of having my twins early is higher than with a singleton, I really want to be as ready as possible by May. Not much time! This weekend we managed to get a second car seat and get it installed, thus answering the question--do we need to buy a van or can we get by with our cars? And tonight we also started our "growing Afton up" campaign where we moved her to a toddler bed.

 So we took down her crib. We re-arranged the furniture. We decided the bottle and binki would have to come after we got her used to her new bed. She was SO tired tonight because, since we have 1:00 church (otherwise known as HELL) she never took a nap. She was very antsy while Daddy took down the bed and we rearranged and vacuumed everything. She was VERY excited about her bed. She turned on her little sound machine herself. She happily crawled into bed when it was time and took her bottle and binki. We turned out the lights.


Is it really that easy? Or are we just lucky tonight? Or is this just one thing that might just go our way? Hooray for my little girl! At least for tonight! What should we do next??

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Nielson Girl Through and Through

My mother had five daughters in seven years. I always knew me and my sisters were close in age, but it wasn't until I became a mother myself that I realized a little more fully the horror my mother must have felt when she found out she was pregnant AGAIN. I remember holding Afton when she was four months old thinking, "My sister Nicki was this old when Mom found out she was pregnant with me. Horrors!" I couldn't imagine being pregnant at that moment--I would have been absolutely flabbergasted to find out I was.

My mother didn't intend to have five girls so quickly. I don't think any of us were really "planned." It reminds me of a quote from Homer Simpson, "You don't plan to have children. They just happen!" Yes, I know this is not true for all women--but it appears to be for Nielson women.

We got pregnant with these babies on our first try, the first month. It was the same with Afton. When I found out I was pregnant--still not totally sure I wanted to be--I said, "The only reason I don't have five children by now is that birth control is better than it was in the 70's!" I know that I were in the 70's, I would be just like my mother and have kids that fast. I'm a Nielson girl that way.

Well, I'm a Nielson girl in another way. I wonder what my mother thought when she gave birth to especially her last three of us--and it was ANOTHER GIRL. I know she didn't even have a boy name chosen for me, her last, and unplanned, daughter. She had accepted her fate by then. My sister Aundi is the same way--four daughters, and she was just as fully prepared on the fourth that she would probably never have a son.

And so it is with me. I am truly a Nielson girl through and through. I found out yesterday that my twins are BOTH girls. Now I'll have THREE girls!

My feelings on this are mixed.

On one hand, I've actually always said that I could see myself with all girls. That I'd be much more upset to have all boys and no daughter, than all daughters and no son. And although you continuously hear "boys are easier" I'm not so sure this is true for me. I grew up with girls. I "get" girls, whereas boys are a complete unknown to me. I am not very good at playing with boys. I don't really understand them very well. And really, what's cuter than twin girls? I love the idea of having three little girls. I love picturing Trevor with his little girls. Last night he was playing barbies with Afton and it was the cutest thing ever.

On the other hand, it puts us in a difficult position. Trevor really does want a son. And now we have to make one of two very difficult choices: Accept that this is our last pregnancy and not ever have a son, or, have another pregnancy and HOPE that we get a boy. I know--I'm not the first to have to make such a decision. It's as common as...cheese. But, my age does complicate things. I couldn't even THINK about getting pregnant again until I'm 35 or 36, and that scares the crap out of me. So many more things can go wrong. And I'd be changing diapers at 38. And my kids wouldn't be out of the house until I'm like 55. And I would most likely be like my sister Aundi and get a 4th girl anyway. But then--four girls! That would be SO cute!

Anyway, yes. I'm having two girls. We don't even have a second girl name picked out! For some reason, I just didn't think I was going to get two girls. And now I'm feeling so guilty, as if I didn't want this second girl that I don't even have a name for her. I want to choose one quickly--she deserves a name and she is very much wanted!! But choosing a name is really hard--Trevor is so freaking picky and he doesn't like ANYTHING. And he won't BUDGE on Ripley. That is a set thing. I like it a lot, but I'd change it if I thought of something I liked better. Well, there's my thoughts on having two little girls. But oh! I can't wait to buy twin clothes for them! Whether they are identical or not (and they probably aren't but we don't know) I will OCCASIONALLY dress them the same. But not all the time.

And let me very clear--as much as I wanted a boy for the sake of my husband--I VERY MUCH want BOTH of my little girls!! We BOTH do!