Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Woah! We're Back from Loa!

Yes folks, I've returned from my ever-so-exciting trip to Loa, Utah. The annual Memorial Day trip that I have had ever since I married Trevor. As much I joke about he microscopic town three hours south of here, I really do love going there. Would I live there? Hell no. But I do love to go and visit. Trevor and I both grew up visiting Grandparents in rural areas, and it's nice to continue the tradition with Afton. Besides, Loa is only a few miles from Capital Reef, one of the most amazing National Parks Utah has to offer!

So on Friday, Jill had Afton for the day because Trevor had orientation for his CNA class, which started today. Jill, a practiced mother with a daughter, immediately seized the opportunity I had missed, and put Afton's hair in pig tails. It was the cutest thing EVER. She had a little red outfit with white polka dots on it, and her little pigtails made her look like a lady bug. When Grandpa Rees, age 89, saw her, he said, "She's a little Mormon baby! She's got horns!" That man has some humor, let me tell you.

I got a million pictures down in Loa. It's a very simple place. We stay in a very old house that my father-in-law bought, which used to be his grandmother's house. It's ancient and falling apart, but we all love it.

We went to church on Sunday, and Afton looked so cute in this dress that her Aunt Claudia made her. Then on Monday we went to the cemetary, where so many of the Rees' are buried. Everyone seems to be related somewhere in that little town. But there are A LOT of war veterans, including Trevor's dad (Vietnam), grandfather (WW2), and great uncle where were there. So were his great grandfather Brigham (WW1)and his uncles. It's a proud heritage. But BOY am I glad HE didn't go into the army!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Calling'd Out

So, Trevor's had QUITE the day at church today. You know, there are times when it just seems like it's all piled on you at chruch, you know? Today was one of those days. First of all, they asked Trevor to teach my lesson this Sunday so I wouldn't have to for Mother's Day. Then, a few days later, they called and asked him to speak in church on Mothers' Day. This meant he would be speaking the first hour, teaching my class second hour, and teaching the deacons third hour, as he is the 2nd councilor in the Young Men's. (And how is this helping me? It means I have the baby for all three hours!!) I felt bad for him, so I told him I'd just teach my class anyway. Then, when he was on the stand in sacrament, they asked him to lead the music--he also leads the music in preisthood as a calling.

So here's a little background: Trevor sings. Very well. So do I. Not so well. We have learned to keep this information quiet. Being able to sing in the church is NOT a good thing. It SUCKS. You get recruited to every stupid choir practice--who wants another hour of church? In our last ward, the choir director would call us at 8:00 a.m to make sure we were coming. So when we got to this ward, we kept it more quiet. We've never even sung in chuch.

So, just when we thought they had asked just about enough of Trevor today, they strike again. Afton is crying, and poopy, and we are in a hurry to get her home (because Releif Society went WAY over since the Bishop was teaching the lesson...)and we get accosted in the hallway by the 1st councilor, wanting a word. We were a little annoyed--Afton smelled. But we went in. And then we get the big killer.

They released Trevor from young men's after only five months. He loves this calling. The boys love him. He loves being involved in scouts. And what did they ask him to do instead? CHOIR DIRECTOR!!! My blood boils even as I type it. Well of course Trevor accepted the calling, but the councilor could tell neither of us were remotely excited about it. It just makes me so sad. Trevor loved being in Young Men's, and just when he's getting a real raport with the boys the pull him out, to make him do something both of us just hate.

Am I being a jerk right now? Yes. And dont' get me wrong--I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our ward. But this was a pretty hard day.

Happy Mother's Day.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Looks Like Fun

So this year I was able to attend the annual Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival trip. Nearly every years my sisters go, and I usually don't go because I have no kids to take pictures of. Not so this year! Though, admittedly, Afton was a BIT young for it. So we all went, though Nicki was unable to due to issues she's had with Paige all week. We were bummed she couldn't go but we understood. Anyway, my favorite thing about it was Jen's comment: "Well we got lots of pictures and it LOOKS like we had a lot of fun..." which is SO true. The pictures are great. But with seven adults and eleven children, it was pretty much insane.

But, well, the kids certainly had fun. I was glad that Trevor came with us, because we were able to get some family shots. We don't have many of those. He said he'd only come if Rusty came, and thankfully Rusty did, so there you are. Anywhere, here's a little matrix I made in photoshop of some of the pictures we took: