Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Kel!

So I'm going to continue in the vein Lisa started for my friends' birthdays. It's just so fun to honor them with an embarassing video! Now, with Kelly this is a little harder because I don't have many videos with her in it. So I've decided to post the only video I DO have with her--the commerical "Hitman Hotline" in which Kelly does an excellent job dying. It's very real. Sorry there's another commercial in front of it--I didn't know how to cut it out. Anyway, enjoy!And here's my Ode to Kelly. She moved in the house next door when I was about twelve. I thought her name was Molly because her annoying little brother was always yelling it, "Molly! Molly!" and then I realized Molly was the dog. Why would he be calling her name like that? Kelly and I used to have lots of sleepovers where I would tell elaborate stories about the boy she'd fall in love with--who would always end up being this kid she didn't like at all. I'd always have him remove his mask at the end and reveal that it actually was that kid--and like Charlie Brown falling over the football Lucy held for him, she'd fall for it every time. I'll never forget when we went to Disney World together, with Lisa when we were 20. It was THE FUNNEST trip I'd ever been on. I'd never been so far away from home without parental supervision, and we just had a blast! (Except the last day--remember that Kel? I'm pretty sure we had a fight in one of the souvenir shops...) Kelly's been around a long time, always reliable and friendly and good, always willing to listen and be your friend. I don't think I've appreciated her as much as I should, so Kelly, just know that I DO appreciate you and admire you greatly. And I am SO in love with Kyanna. She's a DOLL!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tagged. Apparently. Whatever That Is.

So I've been tagged. Umm...I guess. I still don't really get the "tagging" thing, but I can play along and pretend I do. So thanks Jodster for initiating me!
So I guess I have to do 7 random things about me...I'm not so good at thinking of stuff as Jodster is, but I'll try...
1. I don't touch dogs. I have this weird abhorance of having smelly hands, which dates back to my mission when EVERYONE had a dog and some of them were really cute and all of them were really dirty and if I petted one while I was out, I never knew when I'd have a chance to wash my hands. And then I'd keep smelling my hands and thinking, "Ew! My hands are so smelly!" Since I'm not a dog fan anyway, I don't find it hard to resist touching them. Sorry, owners of clean dogs. You are as rare a breed as a New Guinea Singing Dog. (Yes, I looked that up...)
2. I have officially walked away from Sims 2. I was addicted for a long time, and I finally got the strength to say "no more." And now they are peddling Sims 3 and I refuse to buy it. I can't put my life in the control of those little fake computer devils again!
3. I have very strong opinons about what people name their children. I think it's because I'm a teacher. I'm sorry, but I'm sick of Tylers. Stop naming your kid that. Get an imagination.
4. I have a finished novel that I would love to publish but have no idea where to start and am all too aware of how hard it is to publish anything when you are a first time writer--especially when you have no real intention of ever writing anything ever again. But a lot of my friends have read it and loved it, so I guess it's a pretty good book.
5. My biggest pet peave as a teacher (even worse than women who name their children Tyler) is parents who take their kids on two-week vacations in the middle of the school year. Drives me NUTS. I don't care how good the reason is or how much the kid learned from it--I STILL have to find a way to help that kid make it up, and as my subject is not a "worksheet" subject but a "hands-on in-class" subject, this really sucks. Keep 'em in school!
6. I love processed sliced cheese. I eat it straight from the wrapper. It's a snack for me. It's better than cookies. I find people have one of two reactions to this fact: 1) EWW! I hate that stuff! and 2) *sheepishly* "I do that too!"
7. I still draw in church. Always an artist, I've drawn in church ever since I was a kid (always putting it away during sacrament of course--my mother didn't raise me in a BARN you know...) but to this day I draw in church, put it away for the sacrament, and bring it back out again. I'm not like this kid I knew in college who brought his whole stinkin' art pad to church, I just have a little pad of paper where I doodle out pictures and often given them to various little girls around me. Trevor doodles too, and we like to draw pictures together, or he draws little cartoons about people we know that makes me giggle. All in good fun of course. Thank goodness he puts up with it, because I ain't changin'!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I Scrapped! (finally...)

So I always want to include on my blog the new exciting, beautiful pages I'm doing for my yearbook. And, as you can see, i haven't actually done this for a very long time. I guess I got a little burned out. Then I realized that buying new stuff always gets me in gear and ready to work. So with the help from atomiccupcake, my favorite action website, and from Designs by Krista,(her stuff is SO cute and SO affordable!!) I got this fabulous new kit called "roots" which was excellent for the Rees family reunion page. I just LOVE this kit! So I thought I'd share my first two pages.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Catching up with old friends...

So I feel kinda guilty that I haven't written in almost two weeks. Well, there's nothing to write, really. I had my ballroom team auditions yesterday, which was pretty stressful. It's so hard to make sure you are choosing the right kids, but luckily I had Henry and Aundi helping me judge, as well as two teachers from school. It's hard not to be biased and pick the kids you like. I guess that only matters in junior high though--apparently in HIGH SCHOOL it's ok to be as biased as possible. I'm just a little bitter because we have so much talent at my school, and yet hardly any of our former students got into the musical at Bingham. They just cast all the drama club officers, apparently. SO annoying. Look at me, all caught up in high school politics!
Anyway, my title, catching up with old friends, comes from the last ten minutes, during which time I watched Days of our Lives. I haven't watched this show regularly since high school. I caught it a few times in college. It's been a long, long time. And umm...aparently either no one has left or they are all BACK. Lucas is still there? What that crap is up with Nicole coming back? Lexi's till there? And Patch? Kayla? Don't any of these actors ever get OTHER jobs? So weird. (this entry is in honor of Lisa, who will probably be the only person who cares.) I came home sick today in the middle of 3rd period, when my sub arrived to relieve me. Just felt like I was going to throw up. And there's NOTHING to do. I really would have rather stayed at school. There is nothing on TV! It must be bad if I'm stuck watching ten minutes of DAYS. I watched Judge Alex too. Those people are idiots. There's not much difference between that show and like Maury Povich. The judges just let these idiots go on and on, just to get the dirt out and bring up the ratings. Urg. Anyway, this is a rather disjointed little entry, but at least I finally updated so be happy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baby's Heartbeat

So yes, I'm doing a double blog entry today. I had to acknowlege dear Lisa's birthday (since today she wrote on her own blog and didn't acknowlege it herself!) but I also have to include the exciting video footage of my baby's heartbeat! It's not much of a video--would have been better to tape record. But who has a tape recorder? And how can you get it on your computer anyway? So Mom came with me to the appointment, because Trevor couldn't. That's why the video camera--he didn't want to miss it. I look SOO fat in this video but let's just say it's because I'm pregnant, and was a size 4 about three months ago...

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Alright Lisa! You knew it was coming, but DID you know what video I would use? Well, I picked this one. Because this is so classic Lisa at age 14. I LOVE this video. She's talking about some guy she had a thing for. Don't even remember much about the subject matter, but the mannerisms! Classic!

Now for the cheesy part. I've known Lisa forever. I mean FOREVER. When I was small I played with her little sister Leslie and my sister Nicki played with Lisa, since they are the same age. At some point, Lisa and I became friends instead. I don't exactly remember when. I guess Leslie just wasn't cool enough for me. (Sorry Leslie...!!) Anyway, we were friends at Churchill, and then we both joined ballroom dance at Dance Dimension. I don't think we planned that--I think it just conveniently happened. Or maybe our parents were conspiring because it made a car pool easier. Who knows?

Lisa is one of those people that can make you laugh just by the WAY she says things. Lisa is a just a naturally funny person. If you don't beleive me, look at the way she delivers her "lines" in this video! Not that Lisa really talks like that anymore. We were very deeply under the Mary Christensen Influence (MCI) at the time, and tended to talk like her whether we realized it or not. I would just talk like Lisa whether I realized it or not! Well now we're all grown up and having babies and buying houses and being adults, and I don't get to see Lisa that often. But thanks to her blogging efforts, she got me hooked too, and now I can keep up with her and so manhy of my other friends! I now know vital things about Lisa's life--like how her son Kooyman likes to sleep with them every night and they are trying to get him to sleep in a big kid bed. See? What would I do if I didn't know this vital information? Well Lisa, this one's for you!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm Too Fat to Dance

There are so, so many reasons that I shouldn't be dancing. Shall we list them?

1. I have plantar fasciitis in both feet. I've had surgery on both feet, one of which was only a few months ago. My feet hurt with every step I take. After I dance, I can hardly walk in the morning.
2. I'm pregnant. It makes me even more exhausted than it usually does!
3. I haven't seriously been a ballroom dancer in YEARS. Why do I keep thinking I can do this? I'm thirty! I'm old now!
4. I'm too darned fat. And being pregnant is only about 1/10 of it. The rest of it is ALL me, and ALL earned. Urg. Those poor kids. Trying to learn how to wiggle their hips when they can't even SEE mine! (not that my hips are small and cute and narrow, mind, but because there's not much differentiation between them and my waist!)

So yes, today was the first day of Ballroom Club at my school. I had about sixty kids there. We met in the cafeteria, and I gave them their contracts and their shoe orders, and we talked about the fact that they are going to have to get over the junior high "Yikes! Girls!" thing and touch each other. Then my old friend Torin came to help me demonstrate all 13 dances to the kids. We did this last year too. I was fat last year too, (though not as fat as this year) but I wasn't pregnant, and I hadn't had my surgery yet. So what the crap was I thinking? I am SO FRIGGIN' TIRED! All told it took about thirty minutes to get through them all. I had a few breaks, when I frantically handed to microphone over to kids from ballroom team last year and begged them to talk while Torin and I caught our breath!

Anyway, after the demo I taught them the basic cha-cha step, ending with letting them dance it a few times with a partner and then with music. Most of them did pretty good. So that's good. And now I'm so tired I could die. My feet ache and i know tomorrow morning is going to be bad when I get out of bed. Why, why, WHY do I do this? The kids love it so much and are so excited, and I had to turn away DROVES of girls who wanted to sign up after it was full. So I keep doing it. Thank goodness Aundi is going to come help me sometimes! How will I do this when I'm six months pregnant??? Well at least it will all be over after Christmas break.