Friday, October 30, 2009

And Here She Is!

And here's the lady who needs no further introduction than...


(I posted it on Facebook, too, but not everyone checks that, and EVERYONE has to see how cute my baby girl is!)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10 Random Things - And it's not even a "tag"

So I'm super boring. I've been thinking for weeks now that I need to update my blog, but can't think of a single thing to write about. Am I that boring? Do I really have nothing interesting going on in my life? Do I just not think deeply about anything? So I thought I'd just make a list of random thoughts...

1. I'm at school right now. Today my kids are working on their power points (though right now it's my prep and my room is empty, hooray!) I love power point days. The kids work and I play and it's awesome.

2. I spent most of yesterday (another power point day) designing buttons. I'm getting kind of obsessed. I bought a badge-making machine or a class project, and instead of making soap, now the kids make badges. So I made a bunch of designs. Sometimes I make them and put them in a candy jar, and when the kids are good they get to pick one. Here's a few designs I made:

3. Afton REFUSES to roll over. I'm not exactly worried about it so much as annoyed. With Nicki's baby Tyson--18 hours younger--already crawling, and Kelly's baby Jenna, three months YOUNGER--already rolling, I'm wondering why the crap my baby is so lazy. She's done it before. But she just forgot how. Yesterday we put her on her stomach and watched her squirm like a slug and whine like a hyenna until we finally had pity and sat her up. All she really wants to do is sit up, all the time. And she's very good at THAT at least. She's drooling like no other now, and gets her whole front soaking wet. Sweet baby.

4. There's this kid I know from ages ago who won't add me as a friend on Facebook. In fact, I think he blocked me. I'm SO annoyed. What the hell? He's friends with other friends of mine. We used to be good friends. But we HAVE kissed before. Think his wife won't let us be friends or what? Makes me mad. Stupid kid. As if I'm a threat now. If THAT is the rule, then he can't be friends with half the girls who went to BYU...I feel better now.

5. Everyone is sick. Last week in ballroom team I had SIX KIDS not show up because they're sick. What do you say to that? Of course they can't come--but what's the point of holding a rehearsal? I'm afraid we won't be ready to perform by January 6th--especially if they all keep missing. Last year NO ONE ever missed. What the crap?

6. I'm reading Fablehaven right now. It's awesome. I highly reccommend it--especially if you are a Harry Potter fan. I'm meeting the author next week! (like everyone else in Utah...)

7. Grr... I'm getting SO fat. I'd thank DeLayna for the clothes she gave me the other day that saved my bacon, but she never checks my blog. (Do you Del? Come out come out! I DARE you to leave a comment and reveal yourself!)

8. This weekend I'm going to a baby sealing for my friend Heather. Her little boy is being sealed to them on Halloween! I'm very excited (if excited ist he right word--maybe honored is better) because I know it will be amazing. Going to her daughter Holland's sealing was one of the most amazing things I've ever been a part of in the temple.

9. I'm pretty sure I lost my ballroom shoes. But I haven't really looked, because if i do then I won't find them and then they'll REALLY be lost. I do that a lot, and I lose things a lot. And I wait so long to look that by the time I do I've forgotten all surrounding events that might have helped me find it. This includes the $600 camera in my backroom. Put it there end of the year last year, now it's gone. Did I lose it? Did someone steal it? Who knows. Gotta file a report on that. And yes, I've told my administrators. Racked my brains, and all I can remember thinking is, "Where can I put this where no one will find it?"

10. Next weekend we're going over to our friends Ryan and Anna's to play games. I love going there. Ryan buys games by the crate and sells them for way cheap at Christmas time. Every time we go over there we play the newest coolest board games. We are in the market for a new game this Christmas! I wonder what we'll get?

That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed my ranting. I gobble up my friends' blogs so quickly--check it every morning and I'm so happy when there's an update (aren't I pathetic?) so here's something for all four of you that read this. Hooray!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The biggest jerk in West Jordan...that I know....

Ok so here's my story. I'm going to try to be as fair as I can here. But I'm telling you, I think I just met the BIGGEST JERK COP in all of West Jordan.

So tonight around 9:00 p.m. Trevor and I are driving along 1300 West to go to my sister sister's house to pick up our baby. The street my sister lives on is one that you can miss really easily. I've done it many times. Plus it's dark. Trevor says, "Did I miss the street?" and I say, "'s right here!"

Trevor has to touch his breaks a bit to slow down, but as he was going about 35 in a 35 MPH zone, not very hard. He makes a sharp turn onto Jen's street. Trevor had already noticed there was a car behind us that was tailgating us. He got even closer after the turn. Then the guy turns on his brights at us. Trevor tapped his breaks to let the guy know that he was too close. We were only a few hundred yards after the turn at this point. So after Trevor taps his breaks, on come the cop lights. We were stunned.

I say to Trevor, "How fast were you going? You weren't speeding!" And Trevor said he knew he was going the speed limit. So this cop walks up to the window. I never even saw his face. He says, "What's going on tonight?"

I say (and honestly, I did NOT have a mean tone, I was genuinely confused) I said, "I hope you can tell us officer..." and then he absolutely flips out. Rips into me like NO OTHER. Tells me to not give him lip, and that he can give us a ticket and he doesn't want to hear from me, and asks Trevor to step out of the car. What? I was so confused. Then he rips into me some more. I was having the hardest time with this. I'd never been treated like that by a cop before.

So he asks Trevor how fast he was going, and Trevor said he knew he was going 35. The guys says, all superior, "You were going 31. And then you were going only 5" (Cause duh, we'd just taken a turn you idiot...) and he goes on about how Trevor shouldn't have taken a hard turn, and then driven so slow, and then that he tapped his brakes, which causes "road rage" (yeah, obviously...) Then he wants our story, and Trevor starts to explain and I said along with him, "he thought he missed the turn," and the guys absolutly flips out again. Something like, "I don't need your LIP! You have TWO CHOICES! I can give your husband a ticket or you can stop talking back blah blah blah." I say nothing. He says "Well?" And I start crying and saying I didn't want to say anything for fear I'd say the wrong thing.

Then he asks where we're going. Says he lives in the neighborhood. We say to pick up our daughter. "Where?" "Just down the street." "Which house?" (Can you BELEIVE THIS??) Then Trevor says to get our baby from my sister and gives her name. "I know her," he says. "I know her other sister too, the one in Sandy," and Trevor says their names. It was like he didn't believe we were who we said we were. How could I be sister to such nice upstanding people when I'm clearly a no-account with an attitude. (Oh, yes, he also accused me at some point for having an attitude...grrr..)

So then he gives Trevor this long lecture about driving safe and how he's just doing his job and finally lets us go. I was so upset. We went to my sister's, and she was surprised by he behavior. He's in her ward. He's in the young men's presidency. She thinks he's a SALT LAKE cop, and might not be a traffic cop. If he's out of his jurisdiction, can he write a ticket? Well, maybe if we did something to warrant it, and it did seem like he was doing everything he could to provoke us.

I was just crying when I told my sister about it. I felt like I'd been verbally abused and totally didn't deserve it. Trevor did NOTHING WRONG. When he brighted us, that was the first act of agression. Trevor simply warned him to back off. And he pulls us over for THAT? Trevor is considering filing a complaint. What do YOU think? Am I totally out of line here?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Digital Scrapbooks--So Far.

So my friend Lisa posted some of her digi-scrap pages on her blog, and I thought I'd do the same. It made me very excited to share what I've been working on! This year has been harder, because I'm working on TWO books instead of one. I'm doing my yearbook, as always, for the year 2009. Which, sad to say, I'm a little behind on. Not too bad, but still behind. And then I'm doing Afton's first year book, which is getting ridiculously long. It's already 60 pages, and I'm only on her 6th month. It's gonna COST ME to get it printed! Well, it'll be around $120 is my guess, maybe more. Not too bad, really. Anyway, for Afton's book I couldn't find a digi-kit that suited my baby girl, so I made my own! My first kit! It's kinda primitive-there's a lot of stuff people do in digital kits that amaze me and I have no idea how they do it. But what I've got works! I print my books from a company called Cherishbound, which binds them in a regular 8 1/2 x 11 size. So these are the two pages together.

Here are some pages from Afton's book:

And here are a few pages from my regular yearbook:

The pioneer day one is the last page I did--so I'm still behind by several months! How am I going to do this with multiple children???
Anyway, it's an awesome hobby to have and I love it. It's still a lot easier than regular scrapping. I just hate how I cut up all my pictures back in the olden days. I have a post all about it if you care to read it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Saga of Titus

This is my cat, Titus.

He's a very frustrating cat. Last year I desperately wanted a second cat, because our current cat, Tarzan, only loved my husband and not me. I wanted a cat to love ME. I was five months pregnant, and I was very stupid. If I had just waited a few months, I would have realized that once the baby came, I could care less about any cats.

Regardless, we got a cat. He lived next door to my mom, and every time we came over he was so friendly and sweet. One time Tarzan stayed over there for a weekend while we were on vacation, and the two of them played and played. We thought, "wow! A cat Tarzan likes and gets along with! Wish he were ours!" When they neighbors found out we felt that way, they offered him to us. Said that it was their daughter's cat and she was getting married to an allergic guy. So after a week of Trevor ho-humming, not sure (I was totally sure) we brought him home.

Big Mistake.

Now I'm going to take a page out of Leslie's book and just list it all out.

Why I love this cat:

  • He's super friendly. All the neighbors know and like him. He goes into their houses. Sometimes in the middle of the night through the dog door.
  • He's NICE. He never scratches unless seriously provoked. When kids come over, we tell them to pet Titus, not Tarzan--who would as soon kill them and bury them in the backyard.
  • He has some funny habits. Like he goes on walks with us. (Well, Tarzan does too...) He does some pretty funny things. He likes dogs, and he likes other cats too.
  • He's cuddly. He will always let you pet him, likes to jump up on your chest and lay there, and will sleep with you--though he tends to lay down in weird places, or just wants to sleep on your chest or your side.

Why this cat is sometimes a demon from hell:

  • He sheds like no other. His fur is everywhere. The stairs are COVERED in it. He's way worse than Tarzan. Drives me crazy.
  • HE NEVER SHUTS UP. This cat meows constantly. I mean ALL THE TIME. In the middle of the night especially. And he doesn't want anything--he just wakes you up and meows and meows, and he doesn't want you to pet him or feed him or let him out. He just wants to be annoying.
  • He's not bright. At all. The cat is incapable of learning anything. All attempts to train him have failed. When you squirt water at him, he just looks at you like "what?"
  • He TERRORIZES Tarzan. They used to play all the time. Then Afton came and Tarzan decided he was done being friends. Hates him. But Titus doesn't care. He still attacks him at every opportunity, which results in huge cat fights in the middle of the house. I mean, screaming yowling cat fights from one room to the next.

So what do you do? Do you put up with this for the next fifteen years until one of them croaks? Honestly, since having a baby--I could care less about having cats at all. If they were both gone tomorrow I'd jump for joy. It's amazing how little pets can mean to you after you have a family. And we realized pretty quick that the family we got him from was just trying to get rid of him. Their daughter actually got ANOTHER cat after we took Titus!! Can you believe that??

So yesterday, I got desperate. I have begged Trevor to let me put Titus up on KSL. He IS a good pet, and would be great for another family. One with kids, or dogs, or a house full of deaf people. He's been pretty adamant about me not doing it. I don't see why--I mean, it's not like we're taking him to the humane society where he might get put down! We're finding a home for him that will be a better fit!

So I just DID IT. I put up an ad yesterday morning. I even mentioned that he's not bright and that he's very vocal. I really didn't think anyone would call. I planned on telling Trevor as soon as he called on his way home from work. But then things got crazy and I totally forgot.

So how does he find out? Yikes. We're at the store, with Henry and the baby, and my phone rings. I'm paying for the items so I hand my phone to Trevor. He answers it, then looks at me with this betrayed look on his face and says, "You put Titus on KSL?" AHH!!!! He plays it totally cool and talks to the guy, who says he'll talk to his wife and call us back.

We get in the car, and I say, "On a scale of one to ten, how made are you?" He says "10." OUCH.

I see now that I really should not have done this.

So when the guy calls back, I just tell him that my husband didn't know I put him up and isn't ready to give him up. I mean, he was gonna come from ROY to see him. I felt so bad being an Indian-giver like that. AND I CAME THIS CLOSE TO GETTING RID OF HIM!!! DAMNIT!!!!

So now we're back to square one. Still have Titus. Trevor forgave me, because he's amazing that way, but I really don't think he'll let me put him on KSL again. But it's good to know that if we ever DO decide to get rid of him, it won't be hard to find him a good family. Am I a jerk? Please! Tell me what you think!(If you've gotten this far. This post is a novel...) What would YOU do?