Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm Doing It!

Well, it's official I have lost 10 lbs, and at last measuring, 18 inches. Hooray! I can't even begin to count the number of times I have started and then stopped attempting to lose weight. The only time I was truly successful was in 2004, when I lost 25 lbs and 42 inches. It ended when I started working as a teacher and felt it was difficult to keep it up. I still managed to keep the weight off, or within about the same range. But then I got married. Wow. So now, this is what happens: School gets out, I work out all summer, and then when school starts again, I completely lose all control and all interest.


It all started in early May when a co-worker of mine--the same one mentioned in the post above--started the Rotation Diet in order to lose a few pounds she'd gained after she got married. At first I was very skeptical--the diet calls for three days of 600 calories, four days of 900 calories, a week of 1200 calories, and then repeating the 600 and 900 week. After that, you're done.

This was against everything I had been taught. 1) You shouldn't eat that few calories 2) what happens when its all over? Where is the lifestyle change?

But I watched her lose weight. So I thought--I'll try it. Here's the thing--it totally worked for me. Why? Because it helped me achieve the mental change that I needed in order to really get started--and one thing I've learned about weight loss--it's all mental. What goes in your head is more important than what goes in your mouth. I had spent the last year eating whatever the crap I wanted, without pausing to ask if it was good for me or not. I didn't care. I lose weight during my pregnancies, and so during my pregnancy with the twins I ate with wild abandon. After the babies were  born I lost 45 lbs in less than a month. I weighed 20 lbs less than when I got pregnant in the first place. But it was deceptive weight loss and I knew it--I was flabby and my stomach looked horrible.  Then the habits continued during the school year, I gained 10 lbs, but more than that, I gained inches.

It was actually really easy, that first week. Mainly because I had felt so helpless to stop my eating habits, it felt really good to firmly tell myself "NO." I had a list of exactly what I could eat each day. There was no cheating--I just did it. I was grateful for every single thing I put in my mouth. I thought about every bite. And it worked. I don't think that NOW I could eat that little, but 1200 calorie days are not as impossible as I thought.

During the third week of my diet, I told myself, "NO! I am not going to fix my eating only to ruin it by not exercising too!" I have learned--you have to do BOTH if you want good results. So I started then and there, and have been working out 3-4 days a week ever since. Mostly P90X and The Firm. I'm telling you, buying the firm videos and the Firm Box was the best investment. I've used it SO much. Totally worth it. I got P90X of KSL a few years ago for only $50 and it was also a totally worth it investment. I like working hard and feeling the sweat and knowing I'm doing something about it.
That's why I'm writing this post. To remind myself, if the day ever comes again, that I LIKE THIS. When I am overweight and not doing anything about it, and I talk to family or friends about it, I tell them the following story:

"In 2004 when I lost all that weight, I told myself I would never get heavy again. Because now I knew what it takes. I knew what to do. I know what to eat, how to exercize. I know what it takes to get and stay thin. But now, that's exactly why I don't try. Because I know what it takes. I know how hard it is. I know how long it took and how much I had to work at it to get results. And I just don't want to do that again."

I am here to remind myself--THAT ISN'T TRUE. As time goes by, you forget what it was really like to lose weight. You forget that although its hard and time-consuming, it's also exciting and envigorating. I have more energy. I can't wait to get on the scale. I feel so STRONG, both mentally and physically, when I can tell myself NO to cookies and YES to push-ups. I love envisioning where I'll be a month from now. I took before and after pictures and although I still have a LONG LONG LONG way to go, I CAN see a difference.

As my friend Tony Horton says, "Just keep pressing play. Just keep pressing play."


Abu Halen said...

Kill it! (The weight, that is. Don't kill other things).

David and Heather said...

Wow, Meg! I'm so proud of you, way to go woman! You are inspiring, I need to get back on the wagon too. Thanks for reminding me that its not just hard--its also very worth it. Love you!