Sunday, October 21, 2012


So here it is--Afton's She-Ra costume! The kid loves this show. She watches it on Netflix all the time. But since it's so old, the only ready-made costumes of it are sexy adult ones. So Trevor and I made it ourselves! Here's how we did it:
First, the white body suit. Purchased from Amazon. $11.00.

I made the skirt myself--just sort of made it up. We had no patterns for any of it. I first practiced by making a small version of it for Afton's American Girl doll. And then I made hers and attached the belt do it. It's separate from the body suit.
The headpiece--Trevor made this himself with crafting foam, doing several layers. We bought the jewels for the whole costume at the Bead Fairy, and Trevor just painted them. It just attaches with elastic in the back.

The boots - Trevor was pretty awesome with these. We really didn't want to do ugly boot covers, so we found these plether boots at the D.I. for $4.00. Then we weren't sure how to paint them in a way that would allow them to stretch. So Trevor, being the genious he is, just covered them with the same material that we used throughout the costume. I couldn't believe how awesome they turned out!

Arm Bands - simple. Drew a pattern, cut it out of interfacing, then made a "pocket" of gold material to fit it and then turned it inside out, sewing the remining side. Then added velcro. Turned out awesome! I also made a gold choker, but you can't see it so well in the picture.

Wings and Isignia on front of body suit--We drew patterns of both of these, then pulled them into Photoshop to perfect them. Cut both of them out with my sister's awesome Silhouette machine. With the insignia, we cut it out with the sticky interfacing attached, and then just ironed it on the front. The wings we sewed them together, stuffed them, and sewed them on the front.

The cape - One side is crushed velvet, the other side satin. It was a real pain to sew. So glad Trevor did it and not me! It's just velcroed on to the body suit.

And last but not least--the SWORD. I don't feel that I can really describe this and do it justice, since this really was Trevor's project. It has a center core which he put inside foam, then basically carved it. Then he added layer after layer of latex, finally mixing the last layers with silver paint. I really can't explain it better than that--all I know is, it's awesome. Very light, and you can't hurt anyone with it.

And here she is all dressed up in it for the first time! Make sure you watch the end--it's my favorite!


Joshua said...

Do you find fanfic about He-Man and She-Ra to be gross since they're related? I know I don't.

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