Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend in Loa!

Well Trevor and I just got back from our annual weekend in Loa for Memorial Day. I'm just thrilled to have tons of new pictures to scrapbook! Trevor's family goes to Loa every Memorial Day, mainly to honor Craig, Trevor's older brother who died 30 minutes after he was born. But also to honor many of the other relativs buried there. Trevor's Dad was born and raised in Loa, which is just outside of Capital Reef National Park. It's a nice little town, and we love going there. His family owns a house there--this ancient house that belonged to his great grandmother. So it's nice to have somewhere to stay when we are there. It was such a fun, relaxing weekend, though most of the time was spent just hanging out and talking--the weather wasn't good enough for us to venture far, and going to Captial Reef was out of the question. But boy did we fish! This picture shows when I caught my first fish. Trevor made me TOUCH it. Eww! And then just after this picture was taken he said, "Meg! The fish just pooped on you!" and I FREAKED OUT and threw in the ground and screamed. I thought he was kidding--but apparently the fish did in actuality poop on me. But it didn't deter me from fishing more. All told, we caught eighteen! This is a picture of the 14 we caught the second time out, after they broke the bag Stan had and dropped on the pavement. Only two of them were mine...but I've decided I LOVE fishing! On the way home we stopped at Cabella's and bought our own fishing rods, a tackle box, and some lures. We can't wait to go back and try again! Only now, I need to learn to cook fish. And Trevor needs to learn to like it. Hmmm...don't think the second one will happen, somehow...We also went 4-wheeling--just me and Trevor on his Dad's. I don't think I've ever driven one by myself before, and it was so fun! We just drove them straight from the Loa house out to the hills beyond, which isn't very far. All over the lava rock and the hills, and there was a beautiful view of the country all around Loa. Such a beautiful place.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Del!

I decided to take a page out of Lisa's book and do a tribute to DeLayna, my best friend whose birthday is today! Happy birthday Del! DeLayna doesn't let anyone but me call her Del, though she does let Trevor get away with it every now and then. The first time I met Del, she had an iguana on her head. We were in 9th grade, and she was my boyfriend's old girlfriend. I was very nervous to meet her. But I liked her immediately. We exchanged notes on the guy, and she was very nice about it. Then Sparkle, our mutual friend, started inviting Del to activities with us. Even though she wasn't on the dance team, (why didn't you ever join, Del?) she was still one of us. We ended up going to the same college, where we became a lot closer. Del and I really developed our friendship in college and beyond. I remember how hard it was when I got home from my mission and she was only home two months with me before she left on her own. How I missed her!

To me, DeLayna is sort of a sage of wisdom. She is the most fascinating person to talk to. She has fascinating opinions and views on the world, and yet she is so tolerant of people different from herself. She is always fair. I love spending an evening with Del becuase I know I will learn something. If there's a world issue, I want to talk it over with her and get her insights. She has made some amazing comments over the years that I have always lived by. Like one time we were talking about day dreaming about boys, and she said something like, "Daydreaming is ok when you are thinking about what YOU are going to do. But as soon as you start imagining what THEY are going to do, you have left reality." I loved that.

Well happy Birthday Del! We're thirty! We have birthdays the same month, and one time on my 18th birthday all my friends forgot about it and Del was the only one I could get my hands on and I reamed her out. I learned that day not to ream people out. She was teaching me even then! Here's a favorite video of mine--one of the few times we got Del on the video camera. It was Christmas of probably '95 when we filmed this. Happy Birthday Del!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Did It!

Urg! I'm so annoyed the Kelly and Lisa can figure out how to put a video on, but I can't! So annoying! Every time I got a video on it would say "Buffering" and then it wouldn't play. Urg. But then I used this website to help me out and boom! Here it is! For my first video, I thought I'd take a look back into yesteryear, with an old commercial from years ago. This one's for you, Jill! Your big acting debut!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm shamelessly going to copy Kelly's idea and do a tribue to my mother on my blog today, complete with pictures and everything. I just have to call her and remind her how to get ON my blog, since she never uses a computer.
So I was looking through some old slides I have saved on my computer. Here's on of my Mom and Dad on their wedding day, April 11, 1969. My mother was born to great parents and sisters, but was not raised active in the church. Neither was my father. To me it is so amazing they they managed to marry in the temple and raise us in the church, even though it was not the way they were raised. I've always been grateful for my Mom's forsight in knowing how much the gospel would help us as we grew up, and what a large part it would play in forming our characters. For my mother, getting pregnant was not problem. She had five daughters in seven years. I love this picture of her, with my oldest sister Jen, because that look on her face is classic "young mom."
It has always been important to my mother to keep her house clean and to update it. She loves gardening and improving the world around her. Here's a picture of our house when they bought it, and then the same shot a few years later. I wish I had another shot of how it looks now--Mom's yard is always beautiful.
I can't imagine that raising us kids, especially on a tight budget, could have been easy. Mom always seemed to have boundless energy. Even now as a Grandma she is always playing with the grandkids and thinking of games for them. I love this shot of my mom when she's pregnant with me. Again, you can see on her face the stark terror of a woman about to give birth to her 5th child, who will be only 13 months older than the last one! Being together as a family was always a big priority for mom. We couldn't afford fancy trips, but that didn't matter. We would go to the canyons, or on short camping trips (even though she hates camping!) and would have so much fun together. Another tradition of Mom's was to have us all line up outside in front of the flowers on Sunday mornings for a Sunday picture. Here's one of my favorites--in part because it's one the few slides we have with me in it (by the time I came along cameras were far more common) and partly because I am TOTALLY picking my nose... Mom has an incredible talent with teenagers. As a junior high teacher I have come in contact with parents who seem bewildered, unsure of what to do now that their child is becoming a teenager and is no longer that cute little tyke they knew. Mom took it in stride. She had a gift for making us tell her what was wrong, and helping us see our value. Some of us really struggled with self-esteem in our younger years, but she got us through it by sheer will, and MADE us see what we were worth. Here's a family picture of us in the 80's. Cindy's hair should tell you one of the reasons we struggled with self-esteem in junior high and high school. (sorry Cindy...)
Now we are all grown up. Five daughters married, all in the temple, and having children of our own. I hope that soon I will be able to add to the grandchildren that my Mom revels in. She reminds me constantly that this is my duty! My mother is an excellent grandmother. She loves each child, knows them, and spends time with them as an individual. From my mother, I learned self-reliance--she made us work, and she taught us to use our own brains to solve our problems. She allowed us the opportunity to argue our point, to make a case for ourselves, without crossing the line of inappropriate behavior. She said "I love you" and "I'm proud of you" all the time--not just when we were little, but even now when we are adults. She is the strongest, most capable person I know. Anything she tries to do she succeeds at, and always goes the extra mile and does her best. If I can be one tenth the mother she is, I will call myself blessed. I know that when I finally hold my firstborn in my arms, I will feel overwhelmed with my responsiblity, and the shoes I have to fill. But she taught me how to be a mother too--and hopefully I can do as good a job as she has. I love you mom!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

New Class Official!

Yes, I am doing a new class for sure. I just talked to my principal and he's ok with it. Hooray! I changed the time to 6:00 though, because we ended up staying so late last time. Don't want to anger the janitors again! Anyway, hope ya'll can come, and please tell anyone you know who is interested so they can come too! My co-worker said that he looked into taking a photoshop class (not digital scrapbooking, just photoshop) and it was like $900 bucks. So you're getting a real deal with FREE. Thanks so much everyone!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Scrap Class Rocks!

Just wanted to put a shout out to all who attended my scrapbooking class on Wednesday. We had SO MUCH FUN! If you didn't come, you're a hoser and you totally missed out. Especially because Lisa brought the most EVIL brownies ever! To those who did come--thank you! We all learned so much! Including me--Nicki kept saying things like, "Yeah if you do CTRL [ you can move layers really easily," or "CTRL-G will help you with that," and all kinds of stuff I no idea about. It was pretty fun to sort of team-teach it with her. Thanks Nick! I am hoping to have another class on the 22nd, a Thursday. I haven't cleared it with my principal yet but I don't think he'll say no--unless the janitors complained that we didn't leave the school until 9:15! But my classroom is so ideal for teaching a class like that. It was just a blast! And what a concept--teaching ADULTS in my classroom? Well, they weren't as well behaved as my 7th graders because I couldn't tell them to shut up or I'd take away points...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Birthday

Ok I didn't post on my birthday, sorry. It was a pretty good birthday, even though it WAS the big 3-0. One of the best gifts I got was from Lisa--her little tribute on her blog about my birthday was such a treat! And she put that video of us from high school on there! Priceless! I was so excited I showed it to my 6th period keyboarding class! They seemed a little shell shocked to see their teacher fifty pounds lighter, 12 years younger, prancing around like that. Anyway, I had a hard time deciding what I wanted for my birthday. In fact, I STILL don't know. Trevor got me the musical to The Lord of the Rings, which I know sounds odd but it's absolutely fabulous. I think this week we're going to buy me another external hard drive for my computer. It's PACKED. Trevor also bought me a dozen roses, which are so beautiful, but are currently wilting because we don't own a vase! The picture is the only "birthday" picture I have--it's me and Trevor outside Red Lobster where we went to eat. We had a gift certificate there so that's where we went. Tonight we had a birthday party for me over at Trevor's parents. It's so nice how they have a party for everyone. Like having an old fashioned birthday party! We don't do that in my family--there's just too many of us! Oh, I'm also putting a picture of my kitty Tarzan. I just thought it was so cute when I saw him hanging out in the sink!