Saturday, May 19, 2012

Backyard Makeover

So we are finally doing it. We are finally doing some sort of improvement on the OUTSIDE of the house. For up until now, other than chopping down NINE ill-placed and ugly trees, we haven't done much. But yes, we are finally tackling the backyard. Now, the biggest improvement we could make for the backyard would be to remove the tumor from the back of our house--to read all about said tumor, I posted about it here. But I must admit, I'm a little loathe to part with the tumor. Although on the outside it's a total disgusting wreck, on the inside it's become a very conveniently located toy room that for some reason the kids just LOVE. So no, we are not removing the tumor. Not just yet. Besides, it would probably cost a fortune.

No, instead we are tackling the yard.

About a month ago, Trevor and my Dad and our awesome home teacher attacked it with two tillers. Brother Knapp's tiller was of a commercial quality--it kicked some serious butt. Trevor has since been re-routing all the sprinkler heads and preparing the ground for sod, which we hope to lay in early June.

Anyway, we're working on it. But this post is ACTUALLY about the lovely gift from my parents for my birthday. Yesterday, Mom and Dad came over, and Dad and Trevor put in Afton's new sandpile! She was so freaking excited.
It went well, other than the unforseen issue of a MASSIVE patch of cement that was buried and must have once held a fence post. It just happened to be in the middle of her sand pile so Dad and Trevor got it out after much effort.
It was a stubborn bugger, let me tell you.
Mom and I sat on chairs and watched. Scarlett went to bed. Ripley cuddled with Grandma.

And Afton generally got in the way and demanded to help. She rode in the wheel barrow. Which, by the way, has a story all it's own. This thing was old when my Grandpa got it out of a junk pile years ago. Then he gave it to my Dad years after that, and Dad has used it forever. Seriously, this thing is probably over 100 years old.

I insisted on pouring the sand myself, just so I could say I did something. Then it was time for Afton to play! I played with her. My mom even brought some buckets and shovels.

This morning all three kids played in it. So cute. Afton was out there several times today. My sister Jen brought over a couple of outside toys, so Afton had an awesome little playground out there.

Now all we need is GRASS!!!

A HUGE thank you to my awesome parents! They are always finding ways to help us out! And to my awesome husband, who sacrificed the money he was saving up to buy a handgun in order to give his daughters somewhere safe and fun to play. I am truly blessed.


Cynthia said...

Awesome! I remember spending so many happy hours in our sandpile as kids. Glad your ladies have one too.

Oh- and Jen is in your boat now too. I had a crew come in yesterday and rip out almost her entire yard, 5 big trees and a bunch of concrete.

Ann Wixom said...

What fun. I especially love the picture of your dad with Afton in the wheelbarrow. Absolutely priceless.