Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Introducing...THE TUMOR!!!

Cindy says I'm gutsy to actually post pictures of the tumor on my blog. Well, no one looks at it this blog anyway, so who cares? Besides--I'm proud of it in an odd sort of way. If it weren't for this ugly little room, my house would have been unaffordable for me and Trevor. This little sucker made it possible for us to buy, and when we tear it down, I will jump for joy--and shed a tear, for the room it might have been, for the idea it was and the reality it wasn't. It WAS a good idea, but badly implemented and badly planned...anyway, here is another HUGE amount of pictures that I took yesterday. I went to the house right after school and didn't come home until 9:30! SO much work to do!

And here are some pictures of the backyard! It's quite big actually, the lot is .23 acres. It just needs some MAJOR pruning and fixing up.

And now some pictures from last night working. We had a lot of MUCH appreciated help from my parents, Trevor's parents, and Cindy. AND little Bethany. She was a great gopher!

Karen and Stan were great helping us out! They spent a lot of time getting the ugly 90's border off the kitchen wall.

Dad was AWESOME. Man, it's nice having a dad who is so helpful and handy! He was constantly working! Mom was a great help too, washing walls and ceilings. What would we do without them?

Cindy stayed the longest--refusing to go until she'd finished priming the tumor. Yeah, we had to prime and paint it even though we're pulling it down in the spring. It didn't smell NEAR as bad once Dad used the shop vac on the carpet...

And here is Trevor painting the ceiling. WHAT a pain. Poor guy!

Last, this is me cleaning the walls in the tumor. Can you BELIEVE their kids wrote and drew and fingerpainted all over the walls? It came up a lot easier than we thought it would, though some of it wouldn't come up at all.


binders said...

ACK! That tumor is uglier on the outside than even I remembered. It will be quite the party the day we tear that building-permit-failure off.

You should sumbit that picture to the Fail Blog. You could title it 'Home Improvement Fail'.

Nicki Crockett said...

Meg, it has some work to do but it will be great. Congrats again. The work is a pain but you appreciate is so much more since it is YOURS.

Leslie said...

eww! It looks like rotten particle board on the outside! Wow!

Your house definetly has potential. When you are done giving all that TLC, it is gonna be awesome! Nice back yard too.

binders said...

Oh- and thanks for not showing my butt in that picture! You can always tell when it's a woman taking the photo vs. a man because men don't understand one simple fact: No matter HOW thin the woman may be, NO woman likes to see her rear in the photo!

Redhoodoos said...

I'm sooo happy for you buying your first home. You've got quite the family adventure thing going on. Good for you.

Okay - I have hideous white walls throughout our house. And I have vaulted ceilings too. I have lived in this house for 4.5 years and have never painted. You have been a homeowner for less than a month and have conquered more than me. You rock. Maybe I'll actually do it one of these days.